Toddler Program

Welcome to the wonderfully busy world of toddlers! At Explorers we have designed a space for children to engage in purposeful play while being in a safe environment. Our program incorporates daily activities that challenge toddlers while they develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physically skills needed for life long learning. We keep our toddlers minds and bodies busy while they explore the world around them through balanced learning experiences.


Sensory *Science*Mathematics

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive so we give toddlers plenty of hands on opportunities to investigate and learn. Through teacher based activities and organic learning moments, toddlers build a foundation for education. Creative resources are used for toddlers to develop reasoning skills, problem solving abilities, mathematical concepts, and other learning benchmarks.

Art*Music*Movement*Physical Development

Ignite your toddlers creativity through process based art projects, visual creations, and movement. We incorporate music and movement throughout the day for students to stretch, climb, move and develop their large gross motor skills while building a love for music. Children don't just complete an art project but experience it. Through the creation process toddlers learn how to express their feelings and emotions.

Dramatic Play*Social Emotional Skills*language

We help your child build a strong foundation for social emotional development at an early age. Dramatic play experiences promote children to develop character skills and an understanding of real world situations. Through gentle teacher directed activities, social experiences, and age appropriate materials, toddlers learn important behavioral and emotional skills.