Founded in 2009 and has been constantly committed to providing a superior program for families in Connecticut.  


Our qualified teachers are passionate about education and working within each child's comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional, and educational results. 

We believe children have the right to:

*Be in a comfortable and safe environment

*Develop a positive self-image

*Respect themselves and value others

*Be an active member in a group

*Be in the presence of adults who accept and support their ideas

*Be involved in a curriculum that is cognitively challenging and achievable

*To have opportunities to express their ideas and achieve optimum educational results

*Interact and connect with teachers, peers, and family members by using positive communication skills.


Professional Staff


Jackie Yannes
Owner, Director

Joyce Kristoff
Owner, Business Manager

Julie Cavanaugh
Head Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Teachers & Staff

Aileen Alcantara
Infant Teacher

Susan Efe
Infant Teacher

Jenna Cassin
Toddler One Teacher 

Neriman Pehlivan
Toddler One Teacher

Jeanne-Marie Cassidy
Classroom Assistant

Felicia Cavanaugh
Toddler Two Teacher

Diane Maciecki
Toddler Two Teacher

Amber Beliveau
Toddler Two Teacher

Casey Wootten
Transition Toddlers

Brittany Kelly
Classroom Assistant 


Lauren Hutchison
Transition Toddlers

Heather Blacha
Preschool Threes 

Janisha Davidson
Preschool Threes 

Marguerite Davis
Pre-Kindergarten Fours

Dina Martucci
Classroom Assistant 


Sheryl Konnik
Office Manager

Mary Sokolowski
Classroom Assistant 

Lynn Kibbe
Classroom Assistant 

Felicia Thomas
Classroom Assistant 

Marisa Bruno
Classroom Assistant 

Kelly Pazmino
Classroom Assistant 


Are you an educator?

At Explorers Learning Center we are always looking for the best and the brightest educators. If you are looking for a full or part time position please apply below.


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